Welcome to Marion Miller Jewellery

Marion Miller Jewellery is designed and hand crafted in Orkney. I create my jewellery from my workshop on the small island of Stronsay. My work is inspired by the sea, the shore, and the beautiful, ever-changing scenery of the Northern Isles.

Browse through my jewellery to see how the landscape has inspired my work. Each piece is Sterling Silver and hallmarked in Edinburgh. Some have 9ct gold details, and the gemstones used are all high-quality, semi-precious stones.

Please feel welcome to contact me with any questions or special requests.

Please check back again for updates and new work. 


The island of Stronsay is about 7 miles long and is located in the east of the Orkney archipelago.

Approximately 350 people inhabit the island and there is a junior high school with just over 30 pupils. The island is often described as being 'all arms and legs' or three-legged because of the three large bays which bite into the island. It is also very low-lying, with its highest point being Burgh Hill which is only 46 m (154 ft) above sea level. The island is very fertile and green and have several lovely sandy beaches and turquoise bays. The eastern coastline between Lamb Ness and Odiness is magnificent, with features including the famous Vat of Kirbister, a dramatic opening or 'gloup' spanned by the finest natural arch in Orkney. The cliffs are home to several seabird colonies. There are 2 ferries daily and a 8 seater plane that flies twice a day to provide transport to and from the island.